Hey so I’m poor and it would be cool if you clicked this http://featu.re/TARY5D and installed it and earned points. I get points you get points we both earn rewards yay!

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proof that jeremy renner is actually hawkeye

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shot on the tail bone? 

Bludgeoned to death on top of my head?

Stabbed in the elbow?

stabbed right the in center of my chest!

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you shouldn’t have been listening.
i wasn’t, i didn’t need to — that was me talking.

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"You were yelly, you were just being so cocky"
"Saturated in arrogance"
"And then—"
"How did I perform?"

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good thing harry potter didnt choose slytherin

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please keep making pacific rim movies I don’t care how shitty they are i would gladly watch ‘pacific rim 37: newt ate all the fucking pizza rolls again’

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them: oh are u excited for that new marvel movie?


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what girls say: i'm fine
what girls mean: supernatural's 200th episode will be a musical episode
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